Learning how to learn

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May 14, 2023

Let's face it: learning a new skill on your own can be challenging. It's time-consuming and requires persistence, with consistency being the key factor. Make it a habit to learn every day, even if it's just for half an hour. Set aside dedicated time to sit down and engage in focused study.

But how can you learn efficiently? It's not enough to be consistent, you also need to retain what you've learned.

By researching this topic I came across the brain coach Jim Kwik. I highly recommend listening to his podcast and checking out his Youtube channel. In one of his videos, he introduces the rule of the 6 "R"s: read, reflect, record, relate, retrieve and review.

  • READ ➜ read/learn the material, take the information in
  • REFLECT ➜ think about what you just read or learned and make it meaningful to you
  • RECORD ➜ document your newfound knowledge in a journal or a blog (that's the reason I started this blog)
  • RELATE ➜ share what you've learned with others and teach it to someone else
  • RETRIEVE ➜ challenge yourself by testing your understanding of the material through projects or get tested by someone else
  • REVIEW ➜ revisit the previous day's work and repeat what you've learned to solidify it in your memory

Now, armed with these six tips, I am applying them to my studies. As I progress, I aim to fill this blog with valuable insights and, who knows, it might aid others in their own learning journeys.

Embrace the struggle, persevere through the challenges, and remember: the journey of learning never ends...